Give Back Collin County is a virtual stage that creates awareness for our Collin County nonprofit organizations. We champion their causes and great works, and connect nonprofits with volunteers.

Join our community; it’s free. Start connecting with volunteers who share the passion for helping others and strengthening our community. Also, learn how we can help you find volunteers, promote your events, and much more…

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Sometimes finding ways to give back to our community is a challenge. At Give Back Collin County, we want to match your reasons for volunteering with organizations that need your time and gifts. We’ll make your search easier so you can start volunteering right away. It’s free to join Give Back Collin County. Start finding volunteer opportunities. Create your free profile today.

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Give Back Collin County honors the volunteers who work tirelessly to support nonprofits. Without the help of these dedicated volunteers, our nonprofit organizations would struggle to do their good work.

Learn how these great volunteers shine bright lights in our community.

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Nonprofit organizations are performing amazing acts of human service every day for people in need. Periodically in this section, we’ll share with you what a nonprofit is doing to help others and how great they’re doing it.

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    • We provide a platform for your business to connect with Collin County non-profits, support your community and find volunteer opportunities for your employees.
    • Our non-profit members are decision-makers who have money to spend on your services.

Our marketing packages are great options for companies that provide services or products relevant to Collin County non-profits.

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Our Business Member Directory helps you find services to run your next event or services for your daily life. Search here for business that support your community!

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